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Armour For Sale, In one of Ron S.'s recent link-barfs, there is a reference to this interesting article in the Boston Globe on the relationship between cognition and physical movement (and the basic environmental situation of the body containing the mind doing the cogitating).

Have recently begun spending more time with Alain Badiou's landmark Being and Event, purchase Armour, Buy Armour no prescription, and I like thinking about possible relationships between his "Mathematics [set theory in particular] is Ontology" and this bite from the article, citing Lakoff:

The linguist George Lakoff, Armour australia, uk, us, usa, Armour class, of the University of California, Berkeley, Armour used for, Buy cheap Armour, along with Rafael Nunez, a cognitive scientist at the University of California, Armour reviews, Armour over the counter, San Diego, have for several years advanced the argument that much of mathematics, online buying Armour, Buy Armour online cod, from set theory to trigonometry to the concept of infinity, derives not from immutable properties of the universe but from the evolutionary history of the human brain and body, Armour forum. Armour without prescription, Our number system, they argue, buy Armour without prescription, Armour results, and our understanding of addition and subtraction emerge from the fact that we are bipedal animals that measure off distances in discrete steps.

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