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Posted on April 6, 2008 - Filed Under , | 4 Comments

375_500_3gorgesdamvalley.jpg Buy Nasonex Without Prescription, “It looks like a bombed out landscape but it’s not, it is an intentional one”

(Edward Burtynsky, on the demolition of cities in China’s Three Gorges Dam reservoir, Manufactured Landscapes)


Now China is the air
and Tibet is the ether

Now China is the ether
and Tibet is the air—

(Barrett Watten, “Tibet”)


I wasn’t really expecting to think about China so much this weekend, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. China is on our minds more and more, again. Nasonex schedule, I’m not deeply interested in the Olympics. In fact, I find the Olympics pretty tedious. Nevertheless, Nasonex price, coupon, the Beijing Olympics, the olympic flame (which, Buy Nasonex online cod, I recently learned, is a tradition reintroduced by the Nazis), and the international spectacle of the whole kaboodle seem to be playing a significant role in the present amplification of the enduring Tibet problem. Simultaneously, our “potential” recession, which is really a pretty full-blown recession (at least ‘round these parts), and its relationship to consumer consumption (i.e., economic stimulus package, Buy Nasonex Without Prescription. an economy driven by the consumption of goods, rx free Nasonex, mainly Chinese-made), coughs up all kinds of ambient questions: global economy questions, Nasonex pics, and questions about how the rules of the political game are channeled through the rules of the economic game. And, of course, when we are thinking about Tibet we are thinking not just about politics and economics but also metaphysics, where can i cheapest Nasonex online, since the principal (or at least the most emotionally provocative) sticking point in the Chinese suppression of Tibet is embodied by the Dalai Lama and the religio-cultural apparatus for which he is a kind of metonym.

Friday night, Is Nasonex addictive, we watched Edward Burtynsky’s documentary, Manufactured Landscapes. A student had recommended it, based on something we had been discussing in class, Nasonex description. Buy Nasonex Without Prescription, The film is disturbing on several levels. The most powerful for me, I think, Nasonex brand name, was a literal feeling of vertigo I had several times. Something about the dialectical relationship between microscopic and macroscopic attentions in Burtynsky’s landscapes makes me queasy. I’m not sure if this effect is intended or common among viewers, but it makes sense for all kinds of reasons, order Nasonex online c.o.d. The film’s subject matter is, of course, Nasonex price, vertiginous in both a literal and a figurative sense. I kept thinking, “this is a real horror movie.” Most of the attention is put on astonishing trash vistas of one form or another, Buy Nasonex Without Prescription. Sometimes the trash is something still in use (a factory, for example), producing more trash, kjøpe Nasonex på nett, köpa Nasonex online. Always, the colossal object of attention is part of a larger trash cycle, Herbal Nasonex, and China is its hyper-stimulated heart. Burtynsky makes a point of trying to be neutral, or of saying he is neutral, but I don’t find him extremely convincing on this point, Nasonex cost. Several segments are deeply moving, including the long, Nasonex dosage, long, long opening pan shot of a factory floor so repetitive that I found myself wondering more than once if I was watching a loop. Buy Nasonex Without Prescription, Another segment, dedicated to a “ship breaking beach” in Bangladesh approaches the Kantian sublime (the scariest parts of it). I was most taken, however, Nasonex coupon, with the segment dedicated to the construction of the Three Gorges Dam (the world largest dam, which when filled creates a measurable “wobble” in the earth). Ordering Nasonex online, Earth wobbling scale aside, I was fairly mesmerized by presentation of the cities in the Dam’s way obliterating themselves.

Growing up in Tennessee in the 70s, I got to experience TVA damming work first hand, Nasonex duration. My father did much of the field archeology preceding the flooding of thousands of acres in Normandy, TN as well as other places. I know many people from those parts whose original homesteads are now underwater, Buy Nasonex Without Prescription. Purchase Nasonex, Its not an “uncommon” thing, really, as a idea. But those were rural areas, Nasonex long term, and there is something more dramatic, to say the least, Nasonex steet value, in entire cities being erased in this way. It becomes even more dramatic when the cities’ inhabitants take their home apart brick-by-brick before the flood.

On saturday night, we went to Dreamland Theater in Ypsilanti for the textsound.org launch party, Nasonex canada, mexico, india. Buy Nasonex Without Prescription, It was well-attended, and there was lots of interesting work to take in. Most apropos for this post, Barrett Watten (with some audio help from Joel Levise) performed a kind of remix of his 1972 poem “Tibet.” I love seeing Barrett perform. Nasonex natural, He is so stern and yet so human. This is not an irrelevant detail since he is hellbent on challenging each and every position of epistemological comfort. As Barrett read the poem, Joel played samples of a vintage recording of Barrett reading the poem and looped various segments of that recording (primarily lines from the end of the poem, Nasonex street price, or the “Footnote To Tibet”). Barrett also cycled through a power-point-driven series of images (traditional Tibetan paintings and 3D-modeled pictures of tanks and missiles), Buy Nasonex Without Prescription. Once he reached the “Footnote” section, Nasonex class, the sampled reading (the “Barrett-in-the-machine”) dropped out, and the only voice uttering the tanka-esque last lines was Barrett’s present voice. I found the effect moving. The poem’s question (“What about this / suppression of Tibet?”) was still (maybe more than ever) unresolved, order Nasonex online overnight delivery no prescription. Turning these and other lines over in my head (“China is the Manifest / Dream of Tibet”), I kept thinking of Manufactured Lansdscapes. Buy Nasonex Without Prescription, After the Cultural Revolution, China was basically 20% urban and 80% rural/agricultural. Buy cheap Nasonex no rx, I can see how that kind of agrarian-materialist economic model could be legible as the “Manifest / Dream of Tibet.” Now, China is moving very much in the opposite direction in terms of demographics. They have made it their explicit intention to be world’s foremost supplier of disposable crap. I suppose this gesture, Nasonex mg, too, could be read as a version of this “Dream of Tibet, Online buy Nasonex without a prescription, ” but how, exactly. What kind of philosophical work does one have to do to get from the Buddhist “abandonment of attachment” to Crypto-Capitalist “planned obsolescence”. Well, we could say, in its Free-market phase, China is forcing the issue of relinquishing attachment to material existence in at least a couple of ways, Buy Nasonex Without Prescription. First, Nasonex australia, uk, us, usa, it is reinforcing our sense that things—all things—are disposable (as in the recent car ad, with voice acting by Jeff Bridges, Online buying Nasonex hcl, where an ironic series of “get a new ones” is rattled off... “don’t like your spouse, get a new one,” etc.), japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Second, and more importantly, Where can i buy Nasonex online, China is aiming to satisfy this tendency by erecting an infrastructure that must collapse under its own weight. Surely, neither we nor China really think that the current industrial model can go much further before there are no materials left to turn into other materials (and/or no more fuel to burn to automate the transformation). But China (at least as depicted in Manufactured Landscapes Buy Nasonex Without Prescription, ) doesn’t seemed concerned. On the contrary, where can i buy cheapest Nasonex online, China seems utterly unperturbed. Can we call it a state of equanimity. Nasonex dangers, Certainly, none of us will be attached to material things if there are no things and there is no us. Accelerating our approach to a world of no things is one way to look at Chinese global ambition. What reasonable goal underwrites such ambition, Buy Nasonex Without Prescription. It is hard to take believe improved living standards for Chinese nationals is the motive, Nasonex pharmacy, because the working conditions are horrid and pollution is out of control in equal proportion to the scale of the manufacturing surge. I don’t think there is a reasonable goal. Cheap Nasonex no rx, I think, ultimately it is the worst kind of metaphysics. Whether that kind of metaphysics is really related to the kind that makes people shave their heads and go into monasteries is a different question. Buy Nasonex Without Prescription, Hence, the question of the air and the ether, the ether and the air, I guess.

Christian zionism is interested in bringing about a metaphysical apocalypse via political and economic means, Nasonex use. What is it the manifest dream of. What of this suppression of a Palestinian state, Nasonex from mexico, perhaps. I’m not sure. Put another way, do the ways and means of life we usually think of as secular always turn metaphysical when those ways and means become instruments of empire, Buy Nasonex Without Prescription. If so, can we really say that they are manifestations of the colonized’s metaphysics, buying Nasonex online over the counter. Surely, they are always our own.

Which brings me back to poetry and the on-going conversation. On Friday, Linh Dinh wondered how poets of different aesthetic/ideological orientations can seriously be taken to possess different relationships to body and self (something along the lines of “we all have bodies and we’re all self-involved, so any pretension to heterogeneity driven by aesthetics and/or ideology is a fool’s paradise”). Buy Nasonex Without Prescription, I won’t quibble with Linh’s basic claim that embodied subjectivity always reminds us of our own physical limitations (sometimes more than others, as his copious examples illustrate). Also, I’m not interested in taking up Kenneth Goldsmith’s program as particularly interesting or defensible. I tend to agree with one of the commenters on Linh’s blog that squaring Goldsmith’s poetics with Reginald Shepherd’s litany of physical ailments just doesn’t make sense.

What I find particularly baffling is the move Linh then makes to align Goldsmith with Silliman and against a pairing of Shepherd and SoQ-style-identity-po. Basically, I don’t accept that LangPo, or Avant po, or post-avant, or whatever you want to call it is exclusively interested in disavowing the “self,” as such. I’ll agree that all of these trends are often anti-humanist, but that’s not the same thing as anti-self, Buy Nasonex Without Prescription. It just represents a different vision of selfhood and imagines what is important and interesting about self-formation differently.

Jed Rasula has put it well in Syncopations:

The most pertinent consequence of language poetry is its erosion of the complacency with which the lyrical ego hoists its banner. The lyrical ego has by no means been deposed as such (and in any case, a wholesale atunement of poetic activity to chronicling language itself would suggest nothing so much as a return of the repressed, in which ego fortification would be immunized from direct scrutiny by its artful displacement onto resistant surfaces); but the diversification of poetic means and strategies have opened up sites of ‘agency’ that require different sorts of validation and do not serve as vigilant fortifications of identity. (pp. 210-11)
Buy Nasonex Without Prescription, So, there in a slightly different form we have Kent Johnson’s (valid) point that the author function is still affirmed by anyone who puts his or her name on a poem, no matter how resistant (or “uncreative”) the language ends up being. We also have “agency” instead of “body” or “self.” This strikes me as an important difference. The third term (“agency”) is crucial to thinking honestly about post-, or for that matter pre-, humanist “selves.” It isn’t, for me, a question of what is good/bad, true/false, or “real”/“unreal.” In any case, all of those categories strike me as prone to reifying the more pernicious legacies of Liberalism. It’s a question of making something happen, making a world in language (and yes, that world is attached to a self and that self’s body, but it isn’t necessarily “self-regarding,” “self-loving,” or “self-promoting”). To my mind it’s about metaphysics (and yes, I can hear the language poets ralphing at the mention of the word). It’s about metaphysics but the best kind, Buy Nasonex Without Prescription. Not the metaphysics of materialism destroying itself and everything in its path via mass-reproduction. Not the metaphysics of colonially-induced-armageddon. Something else. The ether that is what is the air. The air that is what is the ether.

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4 Responses to “Buy Nasonex Without Prescription”

  1. Curtis Faville on April 9th, 2008 10:16 am

    I published Barry’s poem Thibet in the second issue of my magazine L, in the early 1970′s. The poem had been presented first in Marvin Bell’s poetry writing workshop class at the University of Iowa, and we discussed it then. I don’t know where else it might have been discussed in the years since, but its reemergence now as a politically relevant document is interesting. I don’t think many of us were aware of its political implications at that time. Barry, having lived some of his childhood in Southeast Asia, was more acutely aware of events and significances in that part of the world, than most people we knew.

    Also, this was at the height of the Vietnam War years, and there were “distractions” from events in Tibet, and elsewhere, such as in China, or Indonesia, or India. In those “pre-industrial” days in China, no one in the West was thinking about the consequences of the capitalist surge which would develop there over the next 35 years. If we thought about what the metaphysical relationship was between the Tibetan paradigm and the Chinese paradigm, it probably didn’t register as a measure of capitalist expansionism.

    I wrote the following in 2004:


    Is that ether

    or aether?


    In other words, Is it a numinous sheen invisible to the eye, which early physicists believed was the medium for the propagation of light, or is it an anesthesia used to induce temporary deep unconsciousness. (Confusions of spelling often occur.) Does capitalism induce a kind of semi-drugged state of political sedation necessary to perform exploitation? Watten’s poem posits a dichotomy, albeit ironically. An unresolved dilemma.

    What do you think it means?

    P.S. I like “vigilant fortifications of identity”–a whopper!

  2. Aaron on April 9th, 2008 11:14 am

    Wow, Curtis, how interesting that “Tibet” was a workshop poem. I would never have guessed that.

    As for your question regarding the way ether and aether blur into one thing, inducing a “semi-drugged state of political sedation, etc.)”, I’d answer with a fairly unequivocal yes. My sense has long been that Marx’s “opiate of the masses” label, while initially valid in its attribution to religion, has ultimately become a mis-attribution.

    The genius of capitalism is obviously in the way it arrogates metaphysical enchantment to its own mechanisms. In the long run, I think, religions (and religious ethics) stand to post a legitimate revolutionary claim against it. Liberation theology, of course, gives us one model of this. Others might include the curious hybrid theological/political projects of the Diggers, Ranters, Family of Love, etc. in 17th C. England.

    I don’t have a tidy answer for what I think it means that “objective reality” and numina end up switching places in the poetics of exploitation, but I consider it one of the most interesting questions one could hope to interrogate.

  3. Karla Kelsey on April 16th, 2008 6:33 am

    I want to know more about your ideas vis-a-vis metaphysics–because the term makes so many people ralph and because so much interesting philosophy/art/poetry seems bent on building a metaphysic that doesnt violate the findings of postmodernism…or looking back at metaphysics used in the past and re-accenting it…if we emphasize slightly different elements, can we come to a metaphysic that is useful, enlightening, productive of new worlds of visioning without committing the same “violations” as the metaphysics that have been dismantled?

    The ether that is what is the air. The air that is what is the ether.

    To my mind your closing sentences associate with the metaphysic of John Cage (at least as I see it)–a metaphysic of emphasis and rearrangement that does not request transcendence. When Cage works with silence, for example, he sees that duration is an aspect shared with sound–”of all the aspects of sound including frequency, amplitude, and timbre, duration alone was also a characteristic of silence.” By emphasizing duration in his compositions, over frequency, amplitude, and timbre, he allows silence to come into play with the same–or roughly the same–weight as sound, exposing the sound that is embedded in silence (even when in anechoic chamber)…revealing that silence bears frequency, amplitude, timbre…I see this as a practice of metaphysic because it is revelatory of aspects of “reality”–transforms of view of what silence entails and thus does the job of a metaphysic–but the neat trick is that it does so without transcending its variables. If the emptiness of eastern metaphysic, yoked to (with) capitalism, has imploded upon itself, is there a rearrangement of emphasis and variable that allows for this other sort of metaphysic, the metaphysic of “The ether that is what is the air. The air that is what is the ether.” How deep does this metaphysic run…if you are thinking along these lines (if one is thinking along these lines)–and is there something in the relationships instantiated by capitalism that will not allow such re-emphasis, re-arrangement?

  4. Aaron on April 16th, 2008 9:22 pm

    Hi Karla. I’m working on a new post that expands on my thoughts about metaphysics, but it is taking a while, because I’m getting wrapped up in multiple focal points (Daniil Kharms on one hand and Detroit’s water crisis on another). It’s interesting that you mention Cage and silence, however, as I just came upon this delicious tidbit in an essay by Norma Cole in the first Apex of the M:

    “Jabès writes: ‘Bathed in silence, worked by this silence which is not exactly silence but last silent words, always last because heard after the others . . . .’ Silence heard after. Silence as substance, heard. What is the absence but absence as substance, the condition of existence, or call it faith” (Norma Cole, “Error of Locating Events in Time,” Apex of the M #1, p. 36).

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